Trust X Alliance

Trust X Alliance is a strategic union among 350-plus of the industry's top IT solution providers; their distribution partner, Ingram Micro; and the world's leading technology vendors. Our members are proven leaders in business, technology and customer service. The foundation of this community is built on strong business leaders, top IT talent, robust processes and systems, and an unparalleled commitment to service excellence.

Around the clock and world, Trust X Alliance members deliver comprehensive IT solutions for every business vertical and technology need; agile and best-in-class IT services that allow our customers to quickly adapt and grow; and leading IT technologies to successfully compete in local, national and global markets.

Our leadership, focus and commitment to technology and our customers doesn't start and end with technology. As leaders in business, innovation, education and community service, Trust X Alliance members have a long history of firsts and giving back. A prime example is the exceptional women of Trust X Alliance, who demonstrate leadership at every business level—board of directors, executive, operations and technology.

Showing endless generosity, Trust X Alliance members have donated countless hours and millions of dollars to charities near and far. Our members are committed to youth education and employment. Training programs, mentorship, co-op placements and employment opportunities, are just a few examples of how Trust X Alliance members ensure our youngest and brightest minds are ready for the future.

With an average of 25 years in business and 15-plus years in partnership with Trust X Alliance, our members are among the most experienced and successful IT professionals worldwide. This expertise runs across all areas of business, delivering on the promise of technology—the first time. There's no substitute for experience.


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